Glasses for office work & indoor activities

Because we spend so many hours at our desk or doing the activities that we love at home, it’s only natural to have the best pair of glasses for the job.

Why choose Proximity?

Intended for near and intermediate vision, Proximity lenses offer a wider field of vision, better visual comfort, reduce eye strain and help with posture. Choose a pair of glasses with Proximity lenses to complement your progressive eyewear.

Lenses designed for daily use and work

Proximity lenses are the perfect choice for those using the computer all day or intermediate surroundings for work.


Choose preferred options:


Proximity 1:

Static environment

  • Designed to optimize vision up to 1 metre.
  • Ideal for office, seated or stationary workers or workers who primarily use their near vision working on the computer all day and reading files.

Proximity 3:

Dynamic environment

  • Designed to optimize vision up to 3 metres.
  • Ideal for working in motion and standing. It facilitates interactions in groups or during meetings. Designed for someone who works with colleagues, machinery, clients or patients.

Be comfortable at all times

During the day, your eyes shift several times between screens, files, and clients or colleagues. With a pair of glasses specifically designed for the office and at home, experience comfort all day long with lenses that adapt perfectly to your work screen and give you a wider field of vision.


Ask one of our opticians

Don't hesitate to chat online with one of our opticians to learn more about our Proximity lenses and find out if they’re the right choice for you!

Multi-tasking made easy

Two is better than one! With our flexible bundles, benefit from our 2 for 1 pricing offer and add a pair of glasses with Proximity lenses to complement your pair of progressive eyewear. The perfect duo for your eyewear assortment to satisfy all of your vision needs.