Protect your eyes with high-quality blue light glasses

Obtain blue light protection with our exclusive collection of blue light non-prescription glasses and our variety of blue light filtering prescription lens options. We’ve tailored our new eyewear collection specifically to suit the needs of the working-wearer and screen-lover. Using advanced technology to relieve tired eyes from the strain of digital screens, our lenses filter out blue light to keep you focused with comfort.

Choose the blue light protection that is right for you


Blue light without prescription



Add a blue light filtering option to your prescription lenses

What you have to look forward to with our blue light glasses

  • Benefit from extra visual comfort with maximum protection
  • Obtain better focus from reduced eye-strain
  • Enjoy better sleep & fewer headaches
  • Receive full adjustment service by our opticians in store
  • Layer these on even if you wear contact lenses

What is blue light and why choose blue light protection?

Blue light is a natural light emanating from the sun and emitted in artificial form by digital screens that increase the likelihood of eye-strain, migraines and sleeping difficulties. In its natural form it actually boosts alertness, elevates your mood and helps regulate your body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. However, too much exposure can be damaging, particularly when coming from artificial sources such as your phone, tablet and computer screens. That's where our blue light glasses & special lenses come in!

How does blue light protection work?

Blue light lenses filter just the right amount of blue light to keep your eyes focused and at ease without altering your perception of any natural colours. It regulates your circadian rhythm, enhances your concentration and elevates your mood in the process, and keeps your vision clear thanks to its scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings.

Explore our blue light prescription lens options

At New Look we want to provide you the best products according to your needs. For prescription glasses here are the options we offer for blue light control.

Opt for maximal protection and discretion

Bluselect with prescription:
With the option to add Bluselect to most of our prescription lenses, you’ll be protected in a style that suits you. Add $60 to your lenses.

Want a light-reactive lens to protect you from UV rays and blue light?

An intelligent light-reactive lens that provides you with the comfort you need in every lighting. Tinted outdoors, clear indoors, and protected against blue light in both. Add $150 to your lens.

Add that unique touch of colour to your lenses

DIA Azur :
DIA Azur is a blue residual with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coating that filters out harmful blue light. Pick that option for a unique aesthetic that adds that special detail to your look. Add $50 to your lens.